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Sara Versus Taimur: Who’s More A Paparazzi Favourite?



While we don’t know much about  Saif’s elder son  Ebrahim  who likes  to  keep a low profile, Saif’s younger son and  only daughter Sara seem  to be in  competition as to who can grab  more eyeballs in the media space

Sara  is trying hard to break her  baby brother’s stronghold  over the paparazzi.

A  family friend recalls Sara as  being an chronic limelight moth. “From the time she  was a child Sara  loved to be  photographed by the paparazzi. She  would pose and preen  as a child. The  fascination for  media  coverage  grew  over the years. It won’t be an exaggeration to  state she’s addicted to the public glare.”

And yet Taimur continues  to beat Sara at her own game. The 2-year  old Khan doesn’t have to try  to  be media-friendly.The cameras  love him  unconditionally.

A  media  expert who doesn’t wish to be named  says, “Both of Saif Ali Khan’s  children have  inherited a spontaneous  love for  the limelight.  But while Taimur gets the attention  effortlessly Sara has  to work  towards  it.  But one thing is  for sure. Saif never  wooed  the media  or courted the  still camera with as  much  passion as his two children.”

This is, in  a way, indicates the  rivalry between Saif’s former and  current wives being passed  on  the  next generation.

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