Say Sorry Karan, Says Mohd Rafi’s Son

“I Am Hurt That Karan Johar Has Not Made One Gesture Of Regret,”

It seems  Karan Johar’s troubles are far from over . Apparently the legendary singer MohdRafi’s son Shahid Rafi, hurt and affronted by the insulting line of dialogue in Ae Dil HaiMushkil insinuating that Rafi Saab wept through his immortal rendition, is now planning legal action on Karan Johar and the Ae Dil Hai Muskhil team.

While he refrained from speaking on the subject of  legal redressal he expressed immense surprise and hurt at Karan Johar’s silence over the  matter.

“While my father’s  admirers and fans  are out on the streets protesting against the despicable line of insult in Karan Johar’s film , Karan himself has remained quiet all through. There is not a word of regret  or apology from him. I find this very disturbing,” says Shahid Rafi who reminds us that his father was not only admired for his singing but also for his humane qualities.

Shahid Rafi recalls his legendary father’s association with  Karan Johar’s father producer Yash Johar. “They were similar in their nature. They were were both kind gentle human beings. My father sang in Yash  Joharji’s Dostana . The songs Bane chahe dushmanzamana hamara and Mere dost qissa yeh kya ho gaya are remembered to this day.”

Shahid’s voice softens with pride and affection as he remembers his father. “He was so gentle he wouldn’t hurt a fly.And to now have him insulted in this way with not a word of regret from those who have insulted him is inexcusable. My father passed away 36 years ago. But his legacy is very much alive.No one has the right to insult him.All I want is an apology for the insult.If there is no apology I’ll take this further.”

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