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Scoop: Arjun Reddy’s 3-Hour Length To Be Increased, Footage To Be Added



The phenomenal Telugu  hit Arjun Reddy which is being unanimously hailed  as a game-changer not only for Telugu cinema but Indian cinema per se, is  about to get bigger.

Unmindful of  the staggering length of  the film—it stands at 3 hours and 2 minutes—the film’s  bowled-over team has decided to restore some of  the film’s edited footage  into the narrative.In fact there was pre-release pressure on  the  film’s team to  cut down the length of Arjun Reddy as a  3-hour product  was seen to be not multiplex-friendly.

“So in principle, we’re planning to add not subtract to the film’s length.We had to sacrifice about 40 minutes of footage on the editing table. Believe me, every moment of what we shot was vital to the story. Every frame that we left out was a  bit of our life abandoned for the sake of a tighter narrative,” says  the  the film’s leading man Vijay Devarakonda who has acquired  an iconic status  with Arjun Reddy.

Now director  Sandeep Vanga intends to  put at least some of the relinquished footage back into the film.

Says  Vijay, “Since the audience has accepted the entire film and its unusual playing time we are enthused into putting back the moments that we had to wrench out for the sake of narrative economy. So yes, in principle we are doing  a director’s cut of Arjun Reddy  so soon after the release because we  believe what was left out is important to Arjun Reddy’s story.”

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