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Scoop: Kapil Sharma & His Wife Are Expecting Their First Child



Kapil Sharma’s life is back on the right  track after being derailed by the machinations and manipulations of  colleagues  whom he  trusted blindly.

It took his faithful companion  of  7 years  Ginny Chitrarth who is now his wife, to  restore  normalcy  in  Kapil’s life.

 Kapil admits Ginny  is “the best thing” to have happened to his  life, and  he wonders why he took so  long to  make the decisi

The couple who tied  the  knot in Kapil’s hometown Amritsar in December 2019  is expecting its first  child.

A  close  friend of  Kapil  reveals  the magic that Ginny has worked  on  Kapil’s life.  “She has changed him from  the inside. So far  she was taking care of all his practical necessities such as his diet clothes and medicines. After marriage  she  has taken charge  of Kapil’s restless soul. He is calm, restrained and not prone to get worked  up.”

 Friends have noticed  the change in Kapil.  “He is no longer  upset when colleagues  act smart and try to steal away  his thunder.  He is okay with betrayals  and accepts them as  part  of  his life.”

Regarding fatherhood   Kapil’s friend says  it is a role that Kapil is  preparing  himself to play.

“Kapil still  thinks of himself as a child and to now suddenly find himself playing the  role of a  father is both  scary and exciting for him” says  the source.

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