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Scoop: Om Puri Wanted To Quit Movies, Mumbai & Settle Down With Seema Kapoor

Om Puri was fed up of the domestic problems that besieged him ever since he decided to leave his second wife Nandita Puri to go back to his first wife actress-filmmaker SeemaKapoor and leave behind his past life as soon as his son Ishaan attained adulthood.

In a confessional chat with me Om said, “I want  to spend my old age with  Seemaji. I’ve done  her wrong  in the past. I  need to make amends. I did her wrong. I want to make amends with her.Personally I’ve been  going through  this painful  period. Career-wise too I’m not happy with the roles that are coming way.  If this continues I’ll  leave Mumbai and live a  life  of  anonymity  in any  small town. But I’d think about this   only after Ishaan  is  18.”

However the decision came at a price. Apparently “amicable separation” from his first wife had left him financially debilitated

It  was also difficult for Om to explain his situation to his son.

Said  Om, “My son is my life. I  don’t want him to be scarred by  what  his parents do. Ishaan is no  longer a  child. I’m hoping he  would understand  the situation between Nandita and me very soon.”

Things had worsened in Om’s life to the point that he felt completely helpless with a destructive rage. Lately he had become ill-tempered and abusive, lashing out at even those whom he loved the most.Om’s life was on the skids and he knew it.


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