Scoop: Riya Sen Got  Married On August 16!

It is confirmed.  Riya Sen is now married. The rumour of her impending marriage has been doing the  rounds for some time now

A family friend  finally confirms  the marriage, “Yes, Riya Sen is married. She  tied the knot all of a sudden with her boyfriend Shivam Tiwari whom she has been dating for quite some time. Don’t ask what the hurry was. She  just decided  to take the plunge. Maybe  it was just a whim.  As you well  know, the Sens are a whimsical family. Riya and Raima’s mother Moon Moon Sen was known to  be just as reckless and  repulsive.”

Giving further details the family friend says, “It was a small ceremony on Wednesday August 16 attended only by close family  members and friends from both sides.”

Apparently the Sens were initially opposed to the match as Riya’s chosen one was not Bengali. But now all  is well between the two families.

“Riya’s parents Moon Moon and  Bharat Dev  dote in Shivam. Riya’s sister Raima also gets along well with Riya’s husband,” says the source.

Riya was last seen in  a short film called Lonely Girl on the web where she had some heavyduty petting and  groaning to perform.

It is baffling why the very pretty Riya Sen daughter to yesteryears’ femme fatale Moon Moon Sen

never made  it big in Bollywood. Both the sisters Raima and Riya never quite got their dues. Riya’s career  has slipped down to a web series for Ekta Kapoor entitled Ragini MMS 2 where she is  required to show more skin than her talent.

The story of Riya’s life. Perhaps marriage will bring her some reprieve from an unfulfilling career.

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