SCOOP! Are Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif BACK together?


Here is why we think they are! READ ON to know why…

Salman Khan has always been someone who has worn his heart on his sleeve while Katrina Kaif is more reserved and wary when it comes to her relationships. The super star’s birthday wishes for the actress on Thursday evening while launching the 18th International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) awards in New York City and subsequent kissing her cheek made many fans and media go into a tizzy, speculating about the status of their current relationship.

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Katrina is more mature after a broken relationship with Ranbir Kapoor while Salman himself is said to be in a relationship with Iulia Vantur. Iulia is in NYC too but for the Stardust Global Icon Awards for Sanjana Jon, a charity event about saving the girl child. Iulia was showstopper there on Thursday night. During the shoot of Tiger Zinda Hai, Iulia didn’t accompany Salman to the shoot once in Abu Dhabi and Austria. But Katrina was there shooting with Salman. People insist that Katrina and Iulia don’t see eye-to-eye and are known to avoid each other during events or parties.

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We feel the actors, who were dating each other a few years ago, are enjoying a very special rapport today – which is something more than friendship. We feel Salman and Katrina are close to getting back together and here are SEVEN reasons why we think so!

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1. It was during the shoot of TZH in Austria that Katrina and Salman became close again. Speculation started when Salman posted a pic of him and Katrina from TZH during their Austria shoot in March on his social media. He hasn’t put up pics of any of his actress friends (co-stars yes) till now but put up Katrina’s pic thrice. Katrina too posted a cozy picture of the two while shooting for TZH in Abu Dhabi – Salman seemed with a towel wrapped around his head and the actress snuggling behind him. How much more intimate could it be?

2. He has always responded to Katrina whenever she’s been in trouble or reached out to him for any advice or help. Salman has been known to have a soft spot for Katrina always. When Katrina’s business manager Sandhya Ramachandran left her agency Matrix, buzz is that it was Katrina who put her trusted manager Sandhya to work with Salman’s Being Human Foundation after she spoke to the super star. Katrina is extremely close to Salman’s sister Alvira Agnihotri and his family and has always remained so post her breakup with the super star.

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3. There has been a strong rumor (which remains unclarified by producer Aditya Chopra, director Viktor, Salman and Katrina) that it was Salman who spoke to Aditya Chopra and got her to play the main lead opposite Aamir Khan in Thugs Of Hindostan. Katrina’s entry into the film (after Shraddha Kapoor left it) was sudden.

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4. When Salman heard that Ranbir and Katrina had split, at that time he was shooting for Tubelight. After pack-up he would often rush to her Jagga Jasoos sets to meet her every day. One day Ranbir was there on the sets when Salman dropped in but the super star quietly took Katrina in a corner and started talking to her. Apparently he even told her not to get stressed about the breakup as he would always be there for you till the end. He has always cared about her and Katrina has realized that today and started respecting his emotions too.

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5. Katrina too has always maintained that Salman is a very important part in her life. Last month, during the IIFA press conference in Mumbai, when Salman expressed his displeasure at her plunging neckline, Katrina quietly and quickly went and changed the outfit and wore something more demure. On stage, the warm vibes shared between the two were obvious to see.

6. Katrina doesn’t want any association with her ex Ranbir Kapoor post their breakup while with Salman at all events she has not just been extremely comfortable but both have often been caught whispering to each other. At the 18th IIFA in NYC, Salman started singing Happy Birthday to her (Katrina’s birthday is on July 16) and then went and wished her personally after hugging her. He told the gaping audience, “The only date I remember is Katrina’s!” A blushing Katrina looked radiant at this sudden surprise. On a few events while promoting Jagga Jasoos, while Ranbir has seemed warm and cordial, Katrina has appeared cold, aloof and sometimes disconnected.

7. Katrina is keen that nobody links her romantically to Ranbir again. Stories about Ranbir’s new girl friend came recently, the actress was more concerned that she be not connected to Ranbir in any way as she didn’t want to upset certain people (meaning Salman especially). She has even told people around her that she is among Salman’s closest friends today.

Katrina today is now busy with launching her sister Isabel’s career. She is at the top with three films with Shah Rukh, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan. Once they release she will launch her sister through her own production house. Katrina and Salman have discussed launching Isabel as Katrina likes to consult him on everything. While some may feel that Salman and Katrina’s sudden closeness maybe just a publicity gimmick to hype Tiger Zinda Hai, fact is the film is one of the biggest releases of 2017 and doesn’t need more hype. Katrina and Salman are in NYC till July 15 as both are performing on the grand finale that day. Katrina has said earlier she will bring in her birthday in the Big Apple. Now it remains to be seen whether she and Salman will bring in her birthday together on July 16 (with Iulia present).

Is there more to Salman and Katrina’s more-than-warm vibes than meets the eye and they are back together? Are Salman and Katrina merely enjoying this new phase in their friendship or will it develop into something more… Only time will tell.

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