Security Beefed Up At The Bachchans After Intruder


A man claiming to be the Big B’s fan sneaked into his home Jalsa last week . Apparently the “fan” who wanted to sing Bhojpuri songs to his idol, was whisked away by the cops and is now in custody.

So what happens to the “fan” now? Does he cool his heels in jail singing his Bhojpuri songs to himself? A more crucial question concerns the security and the safety of the Bachchan family which have so far never been breached before.
Says a member of the Bachchan household, “This lapse would not have mattered earlier . But now there’s a child in the household(Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s daughter Aaradhya) whose safety and wellbeingare of paramount importance to the family.”

While the Bachchan family doesn’t wish hard punishment for the intruder who is now in custody at the same time  it is imperative to avoid a re-visitation of this situation.

“If the intruder is let off lightly other so-called fans may  attempt a similar break-in. The Bachchan family cannot risk that situation,” says the family member.

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