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Serious Man Is An Un-Serious Satire On Middleclass Mores



Sudhir Mishra gives  Nawazuddin Siddiqui the chance  to do what they both like doing  the best: exploring the desperate hunger of  the  middleclass  to satiate  its dreams through their  progenies.

 Here  the target  of Nawaz’s  wolfish aspirations is his  young suitably bespectacled son who is declared  a frigging protégé by his father.Whether the boy is actually  a protégé or not remains to be seen. Perception in this case, is King.

 Father Nawaz, tired of being bullied for his disempowered status in society  is determined to make his  son rise above his destiny. It is a great idea for a social satire.And  it’s good to see  both Nawaz  and  Mishra  doing something lighter in tone than what they’ve been doing for  some  time now.

 However I am not too happy with the supporting cast in  Serious Man. At least in the trailer they seem  routine to the  point of blandness.Nawaz alone cannot hold up  a film . He needs  a  solid support system.I find that lacking in the trailer of a Serious Man

A  lot of  the content that’s been put in the trailer  showcases  the leading man’s  propensity to push the  middleclass cart close to  the edge. Whether  Nawaz succeeds in  stopping the cart  from toppling over remains to be seen.

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