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Seriously! Woman Who Stages Her Own Attack In The Karan Oberoi Case Is Out On Bail, Karan Oberoi Reacts



The  woman who accused singer-actor Karan Oberoi of rape and extortion and who  was caught  staging a physical attack on herself  to minimize Oberoi’s  chances  of getting bail, is out on bail within hours of her arrest.

 This  again raises the  question of the inequalities within the legal system between  men and women in laws  pertaining to  sexual crimes.

On hearing of  his accuser’s  release Karan Oberoi says, “I just don’t even know how to react ! It feels so strange that  I was put immediately behind bars despite having an overwhelming evidence of my innocence and here despite the overwhelming evidence of guilt against the person concerned, the authorities didn’t even feel the need to hold them to question about it.”

Karan  says  the  bias in  the law  to favour women is frightening.  “We  speak of  hundreds of years  of patriarchy that has fostered gender  inequality.  But we cannot compensate  for the wrong done to women by  over-empowering  them with legal rights.In trying to be fair to women we are turning a section of  them into vendetta machines.”

Karan , his friend Pooja Bedi and like-minded who have  triggered  off the MenToo  movement  are all set for  a long  battle against gender inequality embedded the laws  of the land. “Every woman who does what this lady  did to me needs to be deterred  by  stronger laws and  bigger possibilities  of conviction when found to have  filed a  false case.We are filing all  the necessary  charges through my lawyer. We’ve sent out letters to all the  relevant  cabinet ministers and law makers  regarding  our concerns in the  preferential treatment  given  to  women in gender laws.”

  Karan  wonders what would happen if  the tables were  reversed.  “Just imagine if  a man  had staged an attack on himself to prove  a woman guilty, what  would the outcome have been. He  would be locked up indefinitely.That is the bizarre dichotomy  of  the  country’s laws  which needs  to be changed , the sooner the   better. We have taken on the battle to rectify the imbalance in laws  pertaining to gender-related  crimes.We will take this fight to its logical conclusion.”

 Karan  says  it will take  him a long time to get  over the prison  experience. “I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. I sometimes break down for  no  reason at all .I am gradually getting to realize  that  the journey back to normalcy  would be  complex and slow.  But  one is at it. I am not slowing down the  momentum  for  the MenToo movement even for a  moment. I am sure karma and  the immense love and support that MenToo  is getting  will see justice prevail. No  man should have  to go through what I  did  for no fault  at all.”

Karan confesses  his biggest mistake was to befriend women on  social media. “I admit  to my guilt as far as  going on Tinder is concerned. I urge  all men to be extremely  cautious while making friends  on social media. You don’t know what  you’re getting  into.”

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