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Shabana Azmi: “Moghul History Is Very Vague About The Female Figures.”



The Empire

Shabana Azmi  is  a pivotal  part  of  the  series  The Moghuls a webseries  for Hotstar  produced  by  Nikhil Advani.

The internet  is a fascinating web for Shabana Azmi . “This is  the  first web series(for Hotstar) that I’ve done . The  reach of  the medium is  tremendous. The Moghuls is an adaptation  of  Alex Rutherfood’s  historical  book.It deals with Moghul  history all the way from Babar to Aurangzeb.”

 What  fascinated Shabana Azmi was  the  space and attention given to  the women figures from Moghul  history.

Shabana Azmi   feels women have been treated with scant attention by  Moghul historians.  “I mean , everyone  knows Mumtaz Mahal because Shah Jehan  built  the Taj Mahal for her.  But what was she really like? I play Babar’s grandmother Esan Daulat.  Not much  is known about her. But she  was  the power behind the throne.When Babar was 12, she made  sure he was crowned emperor.”

She  enjoys the  freedom offered  by  the  web. “One can  tell a story as elaborately as  one  wants. Though Esan Daulat  is  little-known outside the  domain of history books my character is done at length.  I am shooting for  40 days for  The Moghuls.”

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