Shabana Azmi Shoots For Another Lesbian Film

Remember Fire, Deepa Mehta’s super-controversial 1996 film about two lonely daughters-in-law  falling into a lesbian relationship?

Shabana Azmi had played the lesbian bahu in Fire.

Now 20 years later she returns in yet another lesbian drama.This time Shabana doesn’t play the lesbian ,though. In Pakistani writer-director-actress Fawzia Mirza’s  American production entitled Signature Move Shabana plays  mother to lesbian daughter Fawzia Mirza.

Fawzia introduces herself as “lesbian ,Muslim, Pakistani ,actor,activist, writer, producer, lawyer & creature of passion.”

The film which seems autobiographical casts Shabana as a mother who watches television soaps all day long and seems oblivious of the fact that her daughter is a lesbian and in a relationship with Mexican girl who is a wrestler.

Last week Shabana left for Chicago for the shooting .

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