Shabana Azmi Speaks Up In Favour Of The SC’s Padmavati Decision

 Tweeting on Twitter apart,there has  not been much reaction, let alone sharp objections, to the attempts to smother Sanjay Leela Bhansali’sPadmavat by fringe groups.

But after the honourable  Supreme  Court declared  the ban on the film null and void in four Indian  states, Shabana spoke up at length.

Says  the  intrepid actress-activist. “I welcome the SC decision onPadmavati. The film has been cleared by the CBFC. Of what value  is it if the State cannot defend its own certificate ? The filmmaker has been crying hoarse that there is nothing objectionable in the film theCBFC has cleared it .I’m sure it will become a huge success and I  wish it all the best.”

  Like all of us  Shabana is worried  about the  fringe groups  who have openly threatened Deepika. “There  remains the unresolved matter of no action being taken on those who placed a bounty on Deepika’s head and publicly threatened in full view of the media , to burn her alive!!! They are roaming free with impunity!”

   Shabana  rightly demands punitive measures against  the disruptive  fringe elements. “Immediate action needs to be taken against these criminal elements so as to send out a clear signal to the country that the dignity of women is supreme and neither abusive language nor violent threats will go unpunished. The law of the land must apply with immediate effect so that a strong message is conveyed that the Government has zero tolerance for violence or a call to violence against any citizen of this country”

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