Shabana Azmi Takes On The Anti-National Allegation Head-On

In  one of the most shocking and  irresponsible  attempts to thrust the Hindu card down the nation’s throat, a  man named Santosh Bharatiya has  attributed the anti-India quote . According to  Bharatiya Shabana has  said—and I translate from the Hindi—“India is not a good and great nation as the Muslims are not happy here.”

The fiercely honest actress-activist vehemently denies the quite attributed  to her. “These are pure lies being perpetrated in my name and  a cut-and-paste job. I vehemently deny it. Have challenged the man who calls himself Santosh Bhartiya to prove it.”

As intolerance grows all around us Shabana sees the  vitiated atmosphere as anti-democracy. “It shows insecurity in a section that wants to discredit those who speak in a sane voice. They resort to lies and spread falsehood in a desperate attempt to frighten us into silence.To prevent us from being invested in public issues. I feel sorry for them .”

   The response to  Santosh  Bhartiya’s comments on Shabana’s “limited perspective” has  evoked a sharp retort from actress. “The outrage generated by these lies strengthens the voice of sanity and more people rally around us in sympathy. It’s a nail in the coffins of these liars.”

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