Shabana  Speaks Up For Zaira Wasim….“India & The Government Is With You

16-year old Dangal wonder-girl Zaira Wasim who was mercilessly trolled and bullied , apparently for meeting the J & K CM Mehbooba Mufti  had to apologize for her social niceties.

It isn’t likely that Zaira will again venture to have tea with Ms  Mufti in the near future. But the Kashmiri girl has found support from all across the length and breadth  of  our country, including from the BJP government.

Says Shabana Azmi, “Its appalling  and I condemn the attempt to bulldoze a young beautiful budding star into tendering an apology. For what? Bringing glory to her State? I condemn the obnoxious mindset that threatens her.”

Speaking on  its behalf the BJP spokesperson Shaina NC said, “We as a political party stand by this girl who has done all of us proud. I completely agree with Aamir Khan when he says Zaira is  a role model for all of us. It’s sad that she was bullied into an apology.What was she apologizing for? I suppose at that young age she got scared and confused. But she should know we are all with her . I am glad that And if  she needs  any kind of support we’d be most happy to provide it.”

Shaina feels it is important  for the young India to feel confident.  “Rogue elements must not be allowed to cow down youth and talent.”

Actress Swara Bhaskara too feels Zaira  didn’t need to apologize. “It is absolutely shameful and unacceptable that a child should face such hate, bigotry  and narrow mindedness. Her apology made for a sad sad and chilling read. You are NOT a disgrace Zaira and you do not need to apologize to faceless losers. They are cowards. You ARE a role model; not only for young Kashmiri girls but young girls everywhere. Be proud!”

Actor Kabir Bedi, ever-vocal on matters of  the State and society says, “It’s shameful that Zaira Wasim was made to apologize for meeting the Chief Minister of her State. All Kashmiris should speak out openly against the bullying of creative people with such threats by anyone, whatever their agendas.”

Adds Dia Mirza, “It is ridiculous how certain elements politicize things. Trolling her doesn’t prove anything. This is just harassment.”


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