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Shabana Stays Out Of MeToo



Normally known to be extremely  vocal on social issues  Shabana Azmi is  conspicuous by her  absence in  the MeToomovement.

Wonder why!

Could  it be because  of  the  ghastly experience she  had  when she took the initiative during Deepika Padukone’s experience with fringe  groups during the making of  Padmaavat?

 Says a  close  friend  of  Shabana, “She is always  at the forefront  of  all activities  related to women and  cinema. But Shabana’s experience with the film industry regarding their protest  movements has been very disappointing. She had  gone all-out to protect and defend  Deepika against radical fringe groups who threatened her  during Padmaavat. But Deepika chose to  keep away from the  protest. Shabana ended up  fighting a proxy battle, which she isn’t willing to  do this time. She will join the MeToo movement when she sees  the movement as  serving its purpose.”

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