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Shah Rukh Is There from 20 Minutes Before Interval Till Right To The End



There  is endless speculation about the extent of  Shah Rukh Khan’s role in the eagerly awaited Gauri Shinde-helmed  Dear Zindagi.

Well, let’s put all speculation to rest. Shah Rukh is the leading man of the film, no two ways about it. The film is 2 hours 29 minutes long. The first-half is 1 hour in length. Shah Rukh makes his entry 20 minutes before interval, because , as Gauri’s story goes, this is where the hero needs to enter the heroine’s life.

So in reality there is more of Shah Rukh Khan in Dear Zindagi than there was in RohitShetty’s Dilwale and there’s more of Shah Rukh in Dear Zindagi than there was of AamirKhan in Taare Zameen Par.

Once he’s there in Dear Zindagi, Shah Rukh is ALL THERE. He takes over the show, as only he can. He is in almost every frame, and what a delight to see him shed his habitual mannerisms, to give a completely natural unaffected gentle and moving performance.

Dear Zindagi is Shah Rukh’s best performance to date.

As for Alia Bhatt, all one can  as is, what is this child-woman all about? In no time at all she has become the one female actor Bollywood can bank on to be uniformly brilliant in anything she does.

Dear Zindagi will take Alia to the  next level.

As  for Shah Rukh, he doesn’t need any new levels in his career.

The director Gauri Shinde has brought out facets of Shah Rukh’s personality never seen before.We can’t wait for them to come together again.We can safely  assume there are now two Gauris in King Khan’s life.

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