Shah Rukh Khan Sticks To His Chivalrous Plans

The  credit  titles of  Aanand  Rai’s much-awaited Zero will show Shah Rukh Khan’s as third in the cast and crew cred titles at  the  beginning of the film.

The names  of the two heroines Katrina Kaif and Anusha Sharma will be flashed  before Shah  Rukh Khan’s.This is in keeping  with Shah Rukh’s ‘ladies’ first’ policy adapted  on International Women’s Day when he vouched to let the ladies take the lead in the credit titles. He has stuck to his guns and  never mind  if there are two leading ladies.

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Says the Zero  director Aanand Rai, “It doesn’t matter  if it’s 1 or 2 or 5 heroines.When Khan Saab says  ‘Ladies  first’ he means  for a lifetime, and not  just for abrief fashionable moment in time. He is  one  of  the truly liberated men in  our country.”

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