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Shah Rukh Khan Willing To ​Collect Kela Award​s

 It is that time of the year when,after all the popular awards have gone to the same set of actors and technicians over and over again,  the Golden Kela awards  comes along to award the worst cinematic achievements of the year.

Shah Rukh Khan bagged the award for Worst Film(Dilwale). And from what  one gets to know from sources,Shah Rukh ​was ​game to personally receive the award, ​if asked.​

Says a friend of the actor’s, “Shah Rukh has never shied off laughing at himself. Even during the promotion of  Dilwale before release he dis spoofs and send-ups on his own film.”

It is generally believed that when it comes to themselves, Bollywood -wallahs have no sense of humour . A fact corroborated by Jatin Varma, founder and organizer of the Golden Kela awards who informs that in its 8 years of existence the only Golden Kela award that a winner has been sporting enough to accept is AnvitaDutt  who personally came forward to receive her award for the worst lyric  which she won for Ishq walalove in the film Student Of The Year.

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