Shah Rukh Khan’s Fans Host An Award For His Birthday

Shan Rukh Khan’s fan clubs, calling itself the SRK Universe, is hosting the first ever fans’ awards for  the superstar’s 51st  birthday on 2 November.

This is the first time ever that fans of a star would be hosting  an awards function devoted entirely to honouring their idol.

Television actor and reality tv’s favourite Ajaz Khan who hosts the  SRK Universe   “This is an awards function being hosted by Shah Rukh Khan’s fans from all over the world. Such an awards function to honour a superstar has never been done before. So I am going as the chief guest.”

Ajaz says the thrill of helming an awards function in honour  of King Khan is tremendous. “There is no money in it for me. But there is a great deal of pride and prestige. Shah Rukh Khan is one of the biggest superstars of India.I feel privileged to be part of an event by his fans.”

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