Shah Rukh, Salman Avoid Each Other At Baba Siddiqui Ifftar Party

By A Correspondent

Two years ago Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan decided to end their alleged feud with a tight hug at politician Baba Siddiqui’s pre-Eidparty.

But this year there was marked coldness in the way the two superstars met at the same party .

An important invitee  who was a firsthand eyewitness to the goings on says Shah Rukh and Salman barely acknowledged each other.  “Aren’t they supposed to be friends again? Though they were barely inches away  from one another at the same table, they didn’t exchange a word.Salman spent a  lot of time at the party. He seemed very relaxed, unperturbed by the mixed reports for Tubelight. He walked in with his shadow-guard Sheru and circulated  at the venue. He then spent some time with little Matin Tengu his co-star from Tubelight, his toddler nephew Ahil and  with his brother Sohail. But he exchanged no words with Shah Rukh.”

Could it be because of the cold reception to Shah Rukh’s cameo in Tubelight which Shah Rukh had done on Salman’s request?

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