Shah Rukh To Host A Special Screening For Kamal Haasan

What do Kamal Haasan and Shah Rukh Khan have in common besides a mutual respect and affection that they share ever since Kamal Haasan directed Shah Rukh in Hey Ram and even named Shah Rukh’s character after one of Kamal’s favourite actors Amjad Khan.

Now 18 years after Hey Ram it is Shah Rukh’s turn to pay a homage to Kamal Haasan.

In Aanand Rai’s eagerly awaited Zero where Shah Rukh plays a midget a la Kamal Haasan.

The latest information from sources close to Zero is that director Aanand Rai and Shah Rukh Khan plan to host a special screening of Zero for Shah Rukh.

“Shah Rukh and Aanand Rai want Kamal’s opinion on the midget act in Zero After all Kamal’s Appu Raja is still the classiest midget act in Indian cinema. No matter what Shah Rukh achieves in this part he will be compared with Kamal. Having Kamal on board for Zero is a sensible decision”.

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