Shah Rukh’s Crazy Fan Spooks The Superstar

Shah Rukh Khan’s about-to-be-released film Fan is about an obsessed fan  who would go to any lengths to get his idol’s attention.

It turns out that there is no dearth of maniacal and obsessive fans in Shah Rukh Khan’s real life. Last week at an event a fan freaked Shah Rukh out with his show of adulation, and the star reacted with revulsion and anger.

Says an eyewitness, “Shah Rukh had gone for an event. He was entering the venue when a lanky desperate-looking fan rushed to him and stretched his hand out for Shah Rukh . Shah Rukh’s security guards intervened to stop  the fan. But SRK who is always gracious with his fans let the fan show what he had in his hand, thinking it was a message penned on the skin.To his horror Shah Rukh saw that the man had written Shah Rukh name on his wrist in his own blood. It was freshly done and blood was oozing out of the fan’s wrist.”

Apparently Shah Rukh was so horrified and repulsed that he instinctively pushed the fan away and rushed inside looking very disturbed.

On an earlier occasion Shah Rukh had said, “Writing letters in blood is a strict no-no. Please send an email if you are so inclined.”

Looks like this over-zealous fan was not listening.

One thought on “Shah Rukh’s Crazy Fan Spooks The Superstar

  1. I think it is horrible to do anything in blood. So I agree with shahrukh Khan being replused at this fans action. Also it’s very unsanitary.

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