Would Shahid Kapoor Opt Out Of Padmavati For Paternity Leave?


It seems newly-blessed joyous papa Shahid Kapoor is in no mood to return to work in a hurry. Apparently Shahid has decided to extend his paternity leave “a little more” than planned earlier, as he (rightly) feels this moment when gets to be with his newly born baby and his wife won’t return .

The one project likely to be affected by this is Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padamavati which is slated to begin shooting in September. With Shahid extending his paternity leave the hunt for a leading man opposite Deepika Padukone(with Ranveer Singh as the antagonist) begins all over again.

Says a  source close to the development, “Shahid Kapoor hadn’t actually signed the contract. But he had agreed verbally to play Deepika Padukone’s husband in Padmavati. So officially , if he decides to extend his paternity leave he is not really opting out.He never said he was doing the film.So where is the need to explain his departure? ”

According to this source there is another problem with Shahid being paired with Deepika.

“You see, Deepika is a lot taller than Shahid, and the difference in their height would be very conspicuous.How would it look if the King doesn’t match the height of his Queen? Huh?” asks the source.

We will have to mull over that one.

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