Is Shahid Kapoor’s Wife Really Considering Film Offers?


A gushing report in a section of the media suggests that  actor Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira is getting film offers.

Film offers???? Mrs Shahid Kapoor????

Why on earth would she get offers to act when she has no experience of acting and zero interest in the film industry?

A  young outspoken filmmaker known for his aversion to the star system puts it succinctly. “This is one more shining example ofbootlicking that our big stars are habituated to.In a classic reworking of the love-me-love-my-dog premise it it as if some eager-to-please producers believe the way to Shahid Kapoor’s dates is through his heart.Get the wife and you’ve the husband on board.”

Even more alarmingly I hear the lady is not so vehement any more in her opposition to the idea of doing a film.

“She has been offered films without her husband and she has been offered some with her husband. From what one hears she is now  not so averse  to the idea of sharing screen space with her husband. I  believe she may finally give in once her baby is a little bigger .And why not? The money is great.And she gets to keep an eye on her husband while working with him,” says a source who has known the couple upclose and personally.

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