Shahid-Mira Too Much In Love To Be Interesting


Real-life couples in love on talk shows are awfully boring . They don’t know how annoying they look while we look at them coochiecooing all over the place.

There is no denying the fact that Shahid Kapoor is completely in love with his wife.It was there for all of us to see when  they came on Karan Johar’s Koffee With Karan.

Yup, this was a couple in love. No two ways about it. Shahid and his Missus couldn’t keep their eyes and hands off one another. Along with Karan, we the  viewers felt like intruders barging into the suhaag raat of a newly-married couple, specially when they shared intimate details about each other that we may or may not have wanted to know, such as the fact that they slept naked(a step up from Twinkle’s spousal confession that he  husband had a “few inches” extra), and that she thinks Bollywood is a kind of zoo populated by nocturnal animals(she didn’t actually say that but pretty much meant it that way).

All of this added up to nothing except the fact that being from Delhi Shahid’s wife was “normal” while Bollywood was infested with dysfunctional souls, or “frothies” as Shahid’s father-in-law apparently refers to Bollywood types.

Watching Shahid with his biwi-are-of-diversions happily-married tag I felt I was watching a  true-life version of Sooraj Barjatya’s Vivah with a dollops of Jab We Met thrown in as tadka.Jab Shahid met Mira before their  vivah she presumed the rishta was for his much younger brother.

Far more significant were the couples’ comments on the advantages of an arranged marriage and the age difference between them.

“He is the same age as my elder sister whom I call Didi,”  Shahid’s better-half blushed.

Mira revealed how she thought  the marriage proposal was for Shahid’ s stepbrother Ruhan(Pankaj Kapoor’s son through his second wife Supriya Pathak) as the two of them were of nearly the same age.

Shahid took sporting digs at the number of years dividing him from his wife. He cribbed  sportingly on how she drooled over “random” guys much younger than her husband.

Marriage is most clearly fun for Shahid and Mira. We wish them all the best. But we really didn’t want to see them raving about their picture-perfect marriage which overcame the “insane” age-gap between the couple . Marital adversities seldom seemed more  trivial.

Rating: **

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