Shahid’s Dog Named ‘Jackie Chan’ In Udta Punjab!!

One of the several cuts that the censor board has ordered in Abhishek Choubey’s Udta Punjab—no, AnuragKashyap has not directed it—is the name of Shahid Kapoor’s character Tommy Singh’s pet dog.

The film has come up with an inventive name for Shahid ‘Tommy’ Kapoor’s canine. He’s named Jackie Chan!

Says a source from the film’s core team, “We thought it was a cute  homage to the Asia’s most popular entertainer. The censor board feels otherwise. They’ve asked us to change the dog’s name as they feel it will harm India’s relations with China and Hong Kong.”

Apparently Shahid Kapoor’s character of the drugged-out rock star abuses and swears his way through the entire film.

“He hurls ma-bahen gaalis when drugged. He hurls maa-bahen gaalis when sober. The censor board has advised Shahid’s character to refrain from abusing when sober,” says an informed source.

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