Shame! Kartik Aryan Endorses Fairness Cream


Is this what stardom means? To endorse products that are damaging to the societal structure. And we all know fairness creams are a cosmetic discrepancy meant to propagate light-toned skin in a society where many believe “fair” skin is the only way to be.

In the past we’ve had stars like Shah Rukh Khan, John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan endorse fairness cream, just because the zeroes are right on the cheque. Now it’s Kartik Aryan who believes he is a star now since his latest film Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety is hit.

Sadly, the endorsements brands seem to support his starry ambitions. Kartik is the latest actor to be selected to endorse a fairness cream.

A shocking lack of empathy for the public .

A friend of the young actor says, “I am nobody to comment on Kartik’s choices. What he chooses to do or doesn’tdo with his stardom is entirely up to him. I would never endorse a fairness cream or alcohol, cigarettes, gutka or condoms, no matter how many zeroes on the cheques.”

Nandita Das who has constantly battled skin prejudice feels fairness creams do considerable damage to the morale of the middleclass . “I cant believe that any sensible and sensitive person doesn’t understand the repercussion such imagery and advertisements would have on young and vulnerable minds, but I guess the monies are big and people lose perspective. That is why it is important to have dialogue and debates around issues like this, in the public space. the glorification of the fair skin has been there in our films for a long long time. But it only reflects the bias of the society. In subtle and blatant ways, our language has things like, “uska rang saaf hai” for fairness as if the dark skin is dirty! It is tough to combat a mindset that finds many manifestations in songs, stories, myths and fables.”

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