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Shame! Sara Ali Khan GetsTrolled For Celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi



The young and  bright  Sara Ali Khan was  as usual brimming with  enthusiasm when she posted  pictures on  social media  showing her celebrating Ganesh Chaturvedi. Little  did  she  know she would be trolled  for  her  festive  joy  and pulled  up for  celebrating a Hindu festival despite being a Muslim.

While  Sara has  bravely responded to  the trolls with  a stoic silence  a close family friend  of the  Khans  expresses  grave concern at this naked display  of intolerance.

“Sara’s  family  is  the portrait  of  secularism.  Her paternal grandmother Sharmila  Tagore  is a Hindu who was  very happily married to a  Muslim. All the festivals are  celebrated with  equal enthusiasm in their  household. Saif is married to the (Hindu) Kareena. He attends  religious  functions at home  and his sasural,” says  the family  friend.

“Saif and Amrita Singh’s children have  been  brought up  to believe in  whatever  God  they want to believe in. Why  try to  slot  her into prejudiced corners by people  who specialize  in  spreading hatred?” asks the  family friend.

When I  asked  some important  voices in the film fraternity to comment on Sara Ali Khan’s  severe trolling(including a  fatwa!) they chose to remain mum except actress-activist RenukaShahane  who said, “Trolls need to get real jobs. Any person in our country, celebrity or otherwise has a right to celebrate any festival he or she wants. One shouldn’t be narrow minded and petty about it.

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