Shatrughan Loyalist Releases A Song Praising PM Modi


Filmmaker Pahlaj Nihalani who has referred to himself as Shatrughan Sinha’s Hanuman on many occasions in the past and was given the powerful post of chairperson of the censorboard by the BJP on Mr Sinha’s recommendation, is not leaving the BJP with Mr Sinha.

On the contrary Nihalani has just put out a new propaganda song for PM Modi titled Har ghar ayee khushi aur desh bana balwaan, chowkidar teri chowkidari se bada hai yeh samman.

Says Nihalani effusively, “In 2014 I recorded the song Har ghar Modi which became catchphrase. Now in 2019 it is Har ghar ayee khushi. I feel the Modi wave is much stronger for this elections than it was during the previous elections. Modiji will win with a landslide majority.”

But what about Nihalani’s closest friend shifting loyalty to the Congress I?

“We are very clear on this. Shatruji was instrumental in making me a BJP loyalist. His loyalty has changed. I remain his loyal friend. But our political ideology is now separate,” asserts Nihalani.

It is doubtful that Shatrughan Sinha would perceive the concept of loyalty in the same light as Nihalani.And the Sinha-Nihalani Dostana is likely to be heading for splitsville.

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