Shatrughan Sinha Blasts Legislator For Slandering Hema

When  it comes to  standing by his friends , BJP’s most fearless member  is anything but khamosh.

Last week Maharashtrian legislator Bachchu Kadu used parliamentarian actress HemaMalini’s name in a most inappropriate way .

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Shatrughan Sinha is livid.

“How can this man bring up Hema’s name in connection with farmers’ suicide and then accuse her of drinking , and that too daily.Is this man monitoring Hema’s daily intake of food and drinks? This is slander. Firstly, I’ve known Hema for 30 years , and she has to my knowledge, never touched alcohol. And even if  she did drink—which I insist she does not—what gives this man the right to use Hema’s name in this uncouth manner?” Sharuji lashes out, rising to his colleague, co-star , fellow-parliamentarian’s defence.

“Hema is one of  the most dignified and graceful celebrities of the country.We must take strict action against unrecognizable people who use the names of celebrities to get noticed,” signs off Shatruji.

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