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Shatrughan Sinha: “The Condemnation Of  Mob Lynching By My Party High-Command Is A case Of Too Little Too Late”



The most outspoken soldier of  the ruling regime Shatrughan Sinha is shattered by the spate of mob lynchings across the  country.

Says Shatrughan Sinha vehemently, “I strongly condemn the lack of urgent and immediate police action against mobs who pick on individuals . This is a new trend and it is spreading all across the country. If we don’t control it now we would soon be staring in the face of utter chaos with the mobs deciding what we should eat and what we should wear.”

Without naming the Prime Minister , Shatruji feels there must be stronger action against mob attacks. “I am afraid the condemnation  of mob attacks is  a case of too little too little. Much sterner action is needed.”

Shatruji says he is a proud Hindu. But the actions of the mob have left him deeply mortified. “We are all Indians first, then Hindus or Muslims. The hapless Muslim boy Junaid who was lynched on a train on the eve of Eid was also Indian.What  crime had he committed? Who decides what is the correct way for an Indian to eat or behave?”

The outspoken Hindu feels  this whole rigmarole over cow protection is a farce. “First protect the cows from hunger and homelessness. Then protect them  from beef eaters. Cows are so mercilessly neglected in our country. We have cows left to die on the roads. They eat plastic bags and die. Rather than  pretend to protect cows from beef eaters, let the gau rakshaks protect cows from hunger and homelessness.”

Never one to mince words, Shatruji wonders why goons and self-appointed moralists will decide our clothes and food. “Why should we be told what to eat and what to wear? Are we not responsible citizens? It is time strict laws were implemented against the mob mentality.Otherwise our democracy is heading towards mobocracy.”

He fees we are wasting our time on non-issues. “There is China getting more aggressive. There is Pakistan killing and mutilating our jawaans. There  is rape and violence against women and children.And we are concerned with people’s food habits. And look at the example our politicians  are setting! One of them has been caught on camera urinating in  public. Just the other day a young man was lynched when he tried to stop public urination. If public figures spread the wrong message how can we control  mob mentality?”

Shatruji is all for  swift laws against mob action. “I’ve always considered our Prime Minister the biggest action hero of our country. It  is time for his to take firm and swift action those who take the law into their own hands. The lynching mobs represent neither the BJP nor India. They represent only the hooligan class.”

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