Shatrughan Sinha Exclusively On The Nitish-BJP Alliance

While  the  BJP headed towards Bihar for an alliance with Nitish Kumar, BJP’s self-proclaimed most loyal solidier Shatrughan Sinha headed for London for a Bhojpuri awards film function.

I  caught him on the way to the airport.

Shatruji who likes to speak his mind was on this occasion cautious. “It’s too early to predict let alone say which way this new alliance would go. I would always want the best for Bihar. And I am sure Nitish Kumarji wants the same.As a loyal soldier  of the BJP  I am most happy to see Nitishji take Narendra Modiji’s hand of friendship.”

Wasn’t Nitish Kumar worried about the secular credentials of the BJP, a party that Nitish till recently claimed , upheld non-secular values?

Says Shatruji, “Whatever works for the peace prosperity and progress of  Bihar works for me. If by forming new alliance with us, Nitishji is better able to implement  developmental ideas in Bihar I am all for it. However it’s too early to say which way the new alliance will go. There will be rapid developments in the politics of Bihar in the coming days and weeks.This much I can tell you.”

What’s Shatruji’s take  on  Lalu Yadav’s graceless exit from the Bihar alliance?

“It is at the end of day, politics. It’s like  a  game  of chess. You win some you lose some.I refuse to declare Laluji guilty in the multiple scams until proven so  by the courts. We can’t write him off yet,” ends Shatruji filled with praise for “the BJP’s  action hero” Narendra Modi.

“He set aside all his work and attended the function  for  our former president Abdul Kalam in Tamil Nadu. I don’t think there is a  more secular leader in India today,” concludes Shatruji.

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