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Shatrughan Sinha: “Firoz Nadiadwala Has Been Framed”



Shatrughan Sinha: “Firoz Nadiadwala Has Been Framed” 12

  Never  one  to  mince words, Shatrughan Sinha  again shows exemplary  courage  of  conviction by speaking  up for beleaguered producer Firoz Nadiadwala whose wife  has been  arrest by the NCB.

 In an  exclusive conversation with this writer  Shatruji stood  up and spoke in Firoz’s defence. “I know  the law will take its course.And  I’ve full faith in our legal system. And I completely believe  in  making our country  drugs-free.But to say that Firoz had drugs in  his house and to arrest  his sweet good-natured wife for possession of drugs, is simply preposterous. Yeh to kal  koibhi kisi ke bare kuch bhi  bol sakta hai(anyone  can say anything   about anyone). I  cannot believe  this to be true  about  Firoz.”

Shatruji has known Firoz  closely for years.  “I’ve worked in his  films. More than professional we  share a personal  relationship for many years.  Firoz comes home regularly with his wife  and  we also visit him. Whenever  he comes home he drinks only tea.Yes, Firoz is  a teetotaler , and a godfearing religious kind  generous humanbeing. Consuming drugs is  simply not in his DNA. And to  arrest his  wife for drug possession…I can’t think  of anything more outrageous. It just goes to  prove that anything can  happen to anybody.Like Arnab Goswami’s arrest. We may not always agree with his style of  journalism. But what’s  happening to him  should not  be happening.”

Firoz,  Shatruji feels, is a victim of  frame-up. “He doesn’t consume any  intoxicant. I fear he has been framed by his enemies. He has many enemies  in the  film industry. If that is the case, then Firoz must be  given justice.We are  rapidly creating a  totally unjust intolerant  society.”

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