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Shatrughan Sinha Has Reservations About The Reservation Quota



BThe  ten percent  reservations  for  ‘poor  uppercastes’ declared  by the  Modi government has  the Party’s  rebel leader Shatrughan Singa unsure of the  applause-worthiness  of  the  decision.

“Job reservation for forward castes? Is that taking  the nation forward?” Shatrughan Sinha wonders.  “Or is  this just vote-bank politics?One  of those  promises made around election time?  One  doesn’t have  to be  a genius to figure  out  the  answer  to that,”  guffaws  the  irrepressible rebel politician who  is all set to  officially join hands  with Laloo Yadav  very shortly.

 Speaking  further on the job reservation isuue Mr Sinha  opines,  “I’ve been witness to the  chaos  caused in  the country  by the  ‘quota’ culture. I’ve seen   the  aftermath  of  this politics . As far as  reserving jobs for the  uppercaste  poor goes, who will determine  the  poverty quotient for eligibility  ,and how authentic is  the assessment of ‘economical backwardness for the  forwards caste’ going to be?Also, where are  the  jobs? Maharashtra’s  dynamic chief minister Mihir Phadnavis has  declared there are  no vacancies  for government jobs. So  even if theModi government   generously provides 10 or 20 or 50  percent job reservations there is no way the  quota can be  implemented.”

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