Shatrughan Sinha: “How Tragic That Kader Khan Lived His Last Years In Exile”

That  Kader Khan  spent his  last  years in Canada troubles actor-politician Shatrughan  Sinha  deeply.

“Why  was  he  in Canada during the time of his death?  Kader Khan has given so much to  our  entertainment  industry. I’d say he was  one  of the pillars  of  Bollywood. He was not just an excellent actor who  fitted into any role, but also  an outstanding writer. Both Amitabh and I were  very closely associated with him. I knew  him from the time he wrote Manmohan Desai’s Naseeb and Prakash Mehra’s Jawalamukhi,both  of which I  starred  in.Whenever  I met him  he regaled  me with his intellectual mind and deep study  of  commercial  Indian cinema. I don’t think there can be another Kader Khan ever,” says  Shatrughan Sinha passionately, adding, “What a sad start to 2018. There  is  a lesson to be  learnt from KaderKhan’s death in a foreign  country. We  need to take  better  better care  of our artistes so that they don’t feel neglected.”

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