Shatrughan Sinha: “I Recommend The Strongest Criminal Action Against AIB & Tanmay Bhat For Insulting Two Bharat Ratnas”

Bollywood  has erupted against selfstyled stand-up comedian Tanmay Bhat and All India Backch.d (AIB) for putting out a  shockingly insulting and cheap video showing a Lata Mangeshkar impersonator and Sachin Tendulkar lookalike in a mock-debate on Virat Kohli.

The ruling government BJP’s  most vocal and articulate member Shatrughan Sinha has decided to take matters in hand.

Speaking exclusively on the subject, a discernibly livid Shatrughan Sinha spoke out, “They’ve insulted not just the greatest singer of the country but the Divine Mother of the nation.I’d say Lataji is the Mother Teresa of popular culture. There will never be another Lata Mangeshkar for as long as civilization exists. To make such a cheap video featuring her is bad enough. To add Sachin Tendulkar to the atrocious prank is adding insult to injury.”

Shatrughan Sinha recommends the strongest criminal action aginst Tanmay Bhat and AIB. “They’ve to be  dealt with severely so that other people are not encouraged to insult the heroes and icons of the nation. These people already have a slew of cases pending against them for  their so-called ‘Roast’ with Karan Johar. Zaraainki himmat dekho! From their vulgar antics on stage they’ve moved on to insulting two of our country’s greatest heroes.”

He is in no mood to forgive. “ I’ll recommend fast-track criminal cases against them. What they’ve done is a humiliation for the entire nation. I  hang my head in shame  at the kind of mudslinging being perpetrated in the name of humour.”

Shatrughan Sinha strongly recommends censorship on the internet. “Don’t get me wrong.  I am all for freedom of expression. But freedom to express should not be confused with the freedom to insult anyone least of all icons like Lataji and Sachin.Censorship is important in our country  where freedom of expression is grossly misused.”

The actor praises the censor chief. “My dear friend Pahlaj Nihalani is according to me the best chair person the censor board has ever had. To those who criticize him for doing his job so honestly here is the slap on the face.Abolish censorship and have selfstyled comedians and perverted pranksters making a joke of our country’s biggest achievers. I Recommend The Strongest Criminal Action Against AIB & Tanmay Bhat For Insulting TwoBharat Ratnas



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