Shatrughan Sinha: “I Won’t Lynch Laluji Just Because It’s Trending”

While standing by the law for convicting Lalu Yadav in the fodder cases Shatrughan Sinha also stands by Lalu Yadav as a friend and a long-time well-wisher.

“What happened to Laluji at the AIIMS in Delhi where he was unceremoniously asked to leave was inhuman. It smacked of political vendetta. There are so many examples of politicians who have been allowed to get the best medical treatment after being imprisoned. Why this barbaric treatment to Laluji?” asks Shatrughan Sinha as he makes it clear that he won’t condemn Lalu for the sake of sounding poltically correct.

“I know it is fashionable to hit out at Laluji these days. The same people who couldn’t stop singing his praise are pulling him down merciless. I can’t do this to a friend who has fallen on some hard days. I won’t join the chorus.We all have our ups and downs. Mob lynching is not my idea of justice.Wrenched out of AIIMS Laluji was put in a train from Delhi to Ranchi . The 14-hour journey could’ve killed him. But does anyone care? There is nothing worse in politics than a fall from grace,” says Shatruji, adding that some politicians have made a career of hitting out at Lalu Yadav.

“Susheel Modi keeps lashing out at Laluji and his family for no reason except political mileage. He has also chosen to target me. He thinks I’ve betrayed the BJP and I should be expelled. I think he has forgotten he is Susheel Modi and not Narendra Modi. Let the Prime Minister decide what is right and wrong for the party. He should not allow these self-motivated voices to speak on his behalf.”

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