Shatrughan Sinha Lashes Out At RowdyProtestors Who Manhandled Sanjay Leela  Bhansali


I sincerely urge our prime  minister to look into the dirty doings of fascist elements who in the name of Hindutva take the law into their hands….. I Strongly Condemn The Attack On Sanjay Bhansali By Self-Appointed Custodians  Of Hinduism….”

Shatrughan Sinha is outraged   by the attack  on  Sanjay Leela Bhansali in Jaipur by goons owing allegiance to a particular Hindu outfit(the Rajput Karni Sena).

“I seriously think the strongest action must be taken against the miscreants who caused violence on Sanjay Bhansali’s sets. These lumpen elements cannot be seen as representing any rational Hindu ideology. No religion in the world gives anyone the right to perpetrate violence or to take the law into one’s own hands,” said the BJP’s most outspoken leader Shatrughan Sinha.

“I am a true-blue soldier of my party.I sincerely urge our dashing dynamic prime  minister , the ultimate action hero Shri Narendra Modiji to take action against the rampant culture of  violent protests, to look into the dirty doings of fascist elements who in the name of  Hindutva take the law into their hands. If you don’t like a film or even the idea of a  film there are legal channels to express your protest and displeasure. Yeh danga-phasaadmaar-peet nahin chalega.And that too on a filmmaker of  such a high caliber? Baap re!”

Shatrughan who never shies away from speaking his mind is full of praise for Bhansali. “I’ve always been his works’ greatest fan. When I saw Bajirao Mastani I immediately congratulated him. He is not only one of the finest filmmakers of all times but is also an exemplary Indian. Look at the way he loves and honours his mother. He began the trend in the entertainment industry of using his mother’s name in his own name. I think he is a great symbol of women’s empowerment. And all these self-appointed custodians of Hindutva, please look at his films and how they have revived the most precious and valuable aspects of Indian literature , culture and Hindustani music.Do these protesters even know what they are protesting about?”

Warming up to the subject of Bhansali’s cinema. Shatrughan Sinha asserts, “Films and filmmakers are easy targets in our country. They are seen as ‘entertainment’ and therefore frivolous and prone to trivialize religion and culture. But a filmmaker like Sanjay Bhansali takes our culture to the furthest of places in the world. We owe him an apology for what has happened.”

When reminded that such protestors endeavour to extend their allegiance to the Bharatiya Janta Party,Shatrughan Sinha bursts out, “I do not know whom they profess their allegiance to. Or what they are protesting about.Have they seen Bhansali’s film Padmavati? Do they know what is in it? How can they protest about something that has not happened? I think Bhansali is a responsible filmmaker. He would never do anything to damage our religion and culture. Once again I urge our prime minister to  personally look into the culture of cultural intolerance that is rapidly rising  on  our country. If this can happen to Sanjay Leela Bhansali I shudder to think what treatment lies in store for lesser mortals.”

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