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Shatrughan Sinha: Which Law Prevents An MLA From Travelling By Air?

While  condemning Shiv Sena  MP Ravindra Gaikward’s allegedly unruly behaviour on board  a flight  from Mumbai to Delhi, the BJP’s most outspoken Representative Shatrughan Sinha cautions against breaking the law to teach an individual  a lesson.

“By whose consent is this MP grounded? I believe Air India and  other airlines have banned the MP’s travel.I want to know which law of this land prevents  any individual from flying by any airline? Even the most hardened criminals,  politicians with  countless cases imposed on them, are free to travel by any airline. Why then is MrGaikwad being singled out for this unique punishment.And whose punishment?”  asks Shatruji .

The intrepid parliamentarian wants to make  it clear that he doesn’t condone the assault. “If  Mr Gaekwad  is  guilty let the law of the land deal with him. Why are the airlines acting like a collective judiciary?  I am worried about what precedence Mr Gaekwad’s flying ban can set. Tomorrow some airlines may object to Sanjay Dutt flying just because he has been to jail.Or they can stop from flying because they don’t like my face.”


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