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Shatrughan Sinha: “Modiji,Please Form A High-Level Committee”

“To Resolve The Aftermath Of Demonetization”

The BJP’s most vocal, and dare one say, fearless leader Shatrughan Sinha’s done it again. A Tweet  on prime minister Narendra Modi’s demonetization policy by Mr Sinha had  to be deleted after an  uproar in the party lines.

But the unvanquished warrior of politics remains unapologetic. “I stand by what I said. I had to delete the Tweet as it was being construed as a criticism of  our beloved much revered prime minister , the super-hero NarendraModiji. How many times have I said this? And I say it again. Criticizing a party decision—and that’s what I am doing again—is not a criticism of the prime minister. I maintain the demonetization  policy was well-intended but very badly executed. It seems  like  a decision implemented in josh(haste) rather than hosh(deliberation).”

Mr Sinha’s heart bleeds for the hardships the demonetization has caused the common man. “Forget black money , the working class is being denied access to his hard-earned money.You are saying you will get only Rs 2.5 lakhs to conduct a wedding. What can be done with that measly amount of money? Even  a decent  for  the baraati costs more. Housewives who had for years cut their  household expenditures to save money are suddenly being told their savings are  illicit. This is not right.  It  is easy to say the common man is willing to  suffer for the sake  of the larger good. But where is larger good? As a very learned economist has opined ,the Rs 2,000 note may solve the problem of space crunch. But what would it quell the financial crunch? People are making jokes about the pink colour of the 2,000 rupee note coming off during Holi in their pockets, thereby sparing them the cost of buying colour. But I don’t think this is a joking matter. Today it’s the Rs 500 and Rs 1000 denomination that’s being discontinued. What if tomorrow the new Rs 2,000 and   the new Rs500 notes are demonetized?”

Mr Sinha doesn’t deny the fact that we’re staring at a crisis situation. “The scariest part of this hastily implemented decision is that people have lost faith in the government and in the banking service.Today for the first time in a very long time the  opposition is united ,thanks to demonetization. And for once what they are saying makes sense. Our honourable prime minister Narendra Modiji has been let down by  his learnedadvisors.They have allowed him to act in haste. Now there are attempts to roll back the decision.A case of too little too late.”

But all, according to Mr Sinha, is not lost. “Modiji should  immediately form a high-powered committee of BJPstalwarts  like L K Advaniji, Murli Manoharji, Subramanam Swamiji,Arun Shoreyji….The committee should include a topnotch lawyer. It’s time to look at demonetization calmly and sensibly. If errors of judgement have been made there should be  no shame in admitting these.I maintain, the prime minister’s decision of demonetization was well-intended. Its implementation left much to be desired. Correct the wrong done immediately. The junta will love the government for admitting its  mistake.”


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