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Shatrughan Sinha On Padmavati: “Let Them Show The Film To A Neutral Panel Of Historians”



The  habitually outspoken Shatrughan Sinha sounds a  cautionary note when giving Padmavati an all-clear  for release. “I am a big fan of Sanjay Leela  Bhansali’s work.

In fact I  consider his Bajirao Mastani to be the  greatest costume drama since K Asif’s Mughal-e-Azam. I wish Padmavati well, and not only for Sanjay Bhansali but also for Deepika Padukone. I think she is  a gorgeous actress. I met her at the trial for  my daughter’s  film Ittefaq last week and we spoke  about the  problems faced by Padmavati. ‘Sir, dekhiye kya ho gaya hai,’ she complained. I asked her why they allowed matters  to get so  out of hand.”

Shatruji feels  the matter is very sensitive but not unsolvable. “We are talking about the  sensitivities  of  the very powerfulRajput community whose much-revered Queen must not be disrespected in any way. Suppose I speak of artistic freedom and  the  right of people to see  the film , and something historically inaccurate emerges. Now we all know Bhansali’s  credentials.  But the protesters won’t be  assured by just assurances and  promises. They  want to know if the filmmaker has lived up to his promise(of not denigrating the Queen).And  they  won’t rest easy until they know for sure.”

Shatruji has a  solution. “Show the film to a neutral panel of historians. If they are reassured, everyone who is anxious would have to be reassured. At the moment the protesters only have the director’s word. It’s like the rumours that the BJP won’t give me  a ticket to fight the next elections.No matter how  much the party helmers protest there will always be  doubt on the matter  until the elections.’

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