Shatrughan Sinha: “Stop Threatening Me, Please Expel  Me”

 The indefatigably righteous Shatrughan Sinha  is appalled by the latest salvo fired by his party-man Sushil Modi asking for Mr Sinha’s expulsion from the BJP after he, Mr Sinha, tweeted against the negativity in politics regarding Laloo Yadav and Arvind Kejriwal’s alleged misdeeds.

Sushil Modi reacted angrily asking for  Mr Sinha’s expulsion.

Mr Sinha isn’t taken this admonishment lying down.

Hitting out angrily at party-members who choose to misconstrue his words the actor-politician  says, “I’ve been hearing this threat  of being expelled from the Party for many years.Please stop threatening .Why don’t you just expel me?”

Upset but not angry Mr Sinha lashes out at his detractors in his party. “There is an adage in Hindi Ghar ka bhedi lanka dhaye.  The BJP is being ruined by yes-men and sycophants who  refuse to read the writing on the wall. We have such a dynamic leader and Prime Minister who is taking the nation forward. But we don’t value the party’s  loyal foot-soldiers who have slogged to give the party  a support base. I am  not even called to campaign by my party during elections. So all right, don’t value  my presence. Take  me for granted. But don’t insult me  by threatening me with expulsion. That  doesn’t scare me at all.”

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