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Shekhar Kapoor Questions The Proposal To Extend Mr India Into A New Franchise



Many  fans of  Shekhar Kapoor’s  iconic  1987 film Mr India were appalled when  Zee Studios and director Ali Abbas Zafar  announced their plans on Tuesday to carry  the  film’s characters  further into a  new venture.

The idea of  doing another Mr India is  unthinkable. Except to these  gold diggers who would stop at nothing to make some extra bucks.

And  now Shekhar Kapoor has  tweeted  against  the idea.  

Shekhar says, “No one has even asked me or mentioned to me about this film called Mr India 2.  I can only guess that they using the title to get a big weekend. For they cannot use the characters/story without  permission from the original creators of the film.”

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In an  interview  on Mr India  some years ago, Shekhar had said, “If I  did a  sequel  I’d disappoint myself and my fans if I repeated myself. What I can do is use the same  characters to tell a different story.If I repeat myself it would erode my fan base.If a sequel is made I’d nurture and watch it. But I won’t make it.Boney Kapoor is doing a 3D version. That’s a really cool idea. I’ve been telling him to do a 3D version of Mr India for years.The way we shot it the narrative lends itself perfectly to the 3D format.I’d like to  do another film like Mr India. In India we need a bit of sunshine in our entertainment.Our films are screaming themselves hoarse trying to be funny. You know what I mean?”

Boney Kapoor  eventually dropped plans of a 3D  version  of Mr India.

So the  question is, whom have  Zee Studios and  director Ali Abbas Zafar  asked before embarking on this  outrageous journey on a perilous path to renew an inviolable  classic? Have they no  shame?

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Apparently  producer Boney Kapoor has given his blessing  to the  project.

We can now get ready for some legal fireworks between  Mr India director Shekhar Kapoor and Zee Studios  .

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