Shekhar Kapoor-Suchitra Krishnamurthy’s Daughter All Set To Become A Singer

It looks like Shekhar Kapoor’s only daughter is more inclined towards her mother’s profession than her father’s.

Kaveri who is now 15 is all set to turn into a singer.

Says her proud father, “Kaveri is all set to pursue a career as a singer and songwriter.She’s absolutely brilliant.”

Shekhar has no regrets about his daughter not being interested in filmmaking. “Kaveri is so good at what she does. She is so good at singing that when I play her songs to the most accomplished people across the world, they can’t tell she is only 15.”

When asked if Kaveri would make her professional debut sometime soon Shekhar laughs, “There is no such thing as a debut anymore. If you are a singer you just sing. You can start at 12 if you like, or even earlier. Theinternet changed the way ambitions are approached . There is no formal ‘launch’ any longer , like there used to be  at one time. Those were the olden times.”

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