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Shekhar Suman On Why Justice  For Sushant Singh Rajput Is So Crucial To Him!



Shekhar Suman Tells  Subhash  K  Jha  Why His Fight  For Justice  For Sushant Singh Rajput Is So Crucial To Him.

What makes you think there is more to Sushant Singh Rajput ’s  death than meets the eye?

It’s a hunch,it is a gut feeling, like many others that there seems to be more than meets the eye after all the facts and evidence that have cropped up.I could be wrong. But it needs a CBI enquiry to put at rest all the speculations.

Does  your  sense of identification  with Sushant Singh Rajput ’s case come from your own loss of a son  many years  ago? Also the fact  that  you were an outsider once from Bihar just like Sushant  and the fact your son Adhyayan’s career was also aborted?

Yes absolutely these are the precise reasons,may be more.And my son’s career is not aborted.He is a victim of circumstances.He will be back.You can’t  suppress talent for long.

Many  believe  you are  doing this  to get publicity  for yourself?

It’s a very clichéd way of reacting and trying to discredit smone.If you don’t speak up you are a coward.If you do speak  you are doing it for publicity.Shatrughan Sinha is being criticized for not speaking up.There are millions ,including Roopa Ganguly,who are fighting for the same cause.Are they all doing it for publicity?people who say this should be ashamed of themselves.Khud to kuch karna nahi sirf bakwas karna hai.Atleast let others do who are doing their bit with honesty.

There is  an unsubstantiated  report  that Sushant Singh Rajput ’s family has distanced itself from your fight  for Sushant because  they feel it is  being politicized?

As you said it is an unsubstantiated report.So let’s not pay any attention to that.Let me be very honest.I’ m not fighting this on their behalf.I’m fighting against a rot that has set in our film industry. I am  fighting against a nexus that is controlling the industry .Fighting against a whole system that is corroded.This is not a fight just for Sushant it is a fight against a  system that suppresses real genuine talent and forces them to take extreme steps.

Ironically, you and  Kangana Ranaut are  on  the same  side this time?

There is nothing ironical about it.We are both speaking against the nexus,the system and fighting for justice.It’s logical.We have to demolish the Big ‘C’…the caucus…the clan ..the coterie.Its dangerous and  insidious.And we need to finish this once and for all to pave way for a level-playing field.

Nepotism  exists  everywhere. Why point  a finger at  the entertainment industry?

You are right .Nepotism exists everywhere, and nepotism is not the problem.The problem is gangeism, mafiaism.It is almost like the sinister underworld that takes control of everything and everyone. This  gang decides  who stays who goes..who rises who falls..who succeeds who fails..who lives who dies.

Your son went through a traumatic relationship with an actress.Yet the woman never gets any blame.Do you think the MeToo movement is biased against men in the entertainment industry?

The man goes only as far as the woman allows him to.Why just always blame the men?sometimes they could be right too.and sometimes they ARE.

How can more tragedies like Sushant Singh Rajput ‘s be avoided?

The final verdict lies with the audience,the junta.They should reject the scums,the mediocrity.They should reject what is being pushed down their throat,reject what is being served to them in the name of talent and support only the genuine talent.And keep fighting injustice.Like in the case of #justiceforSushantforum.

Finally what is your genuine opinion on Karan Johar’s talk show  Koffee  With Karan?

The Koffee needs to get filtered.

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