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Sherni Trailer Is Not Very Exciting

Vidya Balan's "Sherni" Teaser creates buzz!
Written by Subhash K . Jha

 Correct me  if I am wrong.  But I feel  of late,  a note of complacency has crept  into  Vidya Balan’s  performances, a  know-it-all  overconfidence which  is  the  beginning  of the  end for any artiste.

There  is a  sequence where Vidya taunts  Sharad Saxena(long time no see)  who plays one of those  bullheaded  brainless  government officers who is easy to make fun of when the one  making the  fun is  the  film’s protagonist  , about  making horoscopes  for tigers.Ms Balan’s hangers-on are  seen laughing. I don’t think the audience will be amused  at her weak attempts at putting down patriarchy.

 To be fair , the trailer of Sherni is   dreadful. There is   no way  of  softening the  blow, I am afraid. And I am surprised that  a trailer so limp and listless has been  allowed to go.What were  the  producers  thinking? To simply have Vidya  Balan posturing as a forest ranger  looking to preserve tigers, is not enough reason to put the entire  eco-system  of one particular area  under  grave risk, as  the shooting  unit could  be  a living nightmare  for  wild animals  who live in the forest area.

 The risk  of  enraging the  animals just doesn’t seem worth it here. Sherni seems  to have  little story to tell  besides  pitching  Ms Balan against a poaching mafia. The trailer shows  no spark of humour, not a  wisp of  wit. Talented  actors like Vijay Raaz and Neeraj Kabi  float in  and out with guns and homilies. They barely get a  word in edgeways  before Ms Balan is  smirking at them. Oh these men, I tell you!

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 Clearly  Ms Balan and the man-eating tiger are the  focus  of attention, though  I  didn’t see any tigers in the trailer, except  a man wearing a  tiger’s  mask. Maybe he  was trying to tell us something. But  after seeing the trailer  we really don’t  want to know  anything.

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