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She’s Just Being In Character: Apurva Asrani On Kangana



Apurva Asrani On Kangana’s Latest Round Of Ammunitions Against Hrithik

Writer Apurva Asrani who had a very public spat with director Hansal Mehta and leading lady Kangana Ranaut over the creative credits of  their new film together Simran has a unique explanation for Kangana’s latest outburst against Hrithik Roshan.

Says Apurva, “Well, she does play a borderline negative character in Simran. Keeping her image in mind, I wrote her a badass anti-heroine role. Maybe she’s still in character during promotions.”

Apurva has a point. A  lot of Kangana’s colleagues from the entertainment industry Wonder why she has chosen to rake up her entire past from Aditya Pancholi to Hrithik Roshan,conveniently leaving out her messy liaison with Adhyayan Suman and the very public spat with his father Shekhar Suman.

Says a male colleague of Kangana’s, “Yeh bolti pehle hai aur sochti baad mein(she talks first and thinks later). I don’t think it is her idea to speak about Pancholi and Roshan as part of her film’s promotion. This must be her film’s marketing team’s idea. And she’s going along with it because she is as keen to have a hit as her director Hansal Mehta.”

Reacting  to  charges of  anything-for-publicity Apurva Asrani says, “I don’t know what she said. I don’t care either. A film will work or fail because of its content and its intent. I can assure people of Simran‘s content since I am creatively  involved with it.The rest is in the hands of the ticket paying public.”

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