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Shibashish Sarkar Finally Speaks On Sooryavanshi Release



March 14  is  director Rohit Shetty’s birthday. Rohit’s friend Akshay  Kumar   announced the  release date of his first  collaboration with  Rohit Shetty on  Twitter.

After repeated  postponements  Sooryavanshi is  indeed releasing on  April 30.

 Confirming  the same  Shibashish Sarkar  CEO Reliance entertainment  the  co-producers  of Sooryavanshi, says, “A film is a director’s medium ….what better way than to celebrate Rohit’s birthday with the  release date’s announcement of Sooryavanshi ! Hope audience will love and celebrate the film on 30th April when it releases.”

The will-it-won’t-it see-saw  over the film’s release has been going on  for  the last  three months ever since  the  lockdown  lifted. April  2  was almost  finalized  for release. But then the Maharashtra government announced  a partial  lockdown in some  parts  of  the State  and the  rel ease date  for Sooryavanshi was  again pushed forward.

 Directed  by the  redoubtable  Rohit Shetty   whose Golmaal  is the most  successful Bollywood franchise  of  all times, Sooryavanshi  , an  action-packed   cops-and-robbers  drama brings  together  one of  Bollywood’s most successful directors  with Akshay Kumar for  the  first time. The  two have shot the  most dearth-defying jaw-dropping  stunt scenes   which, according to the film’s director, will go to waste on the  home-viewing medium. For  the  film’s climactic hijinks  the director has  roped  in  Ajay Devgan and Ranveer Singh to join Akshay.

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