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Shocking: Arnab Goswami Was Never Provided Security By Government

News that news journalist Arnab Goswami has been given Y level security by the Indian government after he was issued threats by terror organizations, is completely false.

A close friend of Goswami rang up this writer on Goswami’s behalf,  to say, “Arnab has no clue where this news came from. A week ago he suddenly got  calls and  messages from a daily newspaper  which he  did not take. Before he knew it, the report was picked up by numerous papers and websites.”

Speaking on  behalf of Arnab Goswami his friend clarifies, “Arnab has not been provided any security , Y , Z or otherwise. To safeguard himself he moves around with his personal security .That’s it. Arnab finds the whole debate that has opened up on whether he deserves governmental security to be very amusing. Neither has the government come forward to provide him any  security, nor is he soliciting any security from the government.”



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